A Foodie’s Guide to Israel

A Foodie’s Guide to Israel

Israel’s cuisine is known for blending Mediterranean with Middle Eastern flavor and a touch of Jewish influence. According to Erin Zimmer, Israeli food culture is still young, but its root date back a thousand years ago.

If you ever find yourself in one of the flights to Israel you’ll spend your days better if you try their local cuisine. Visit these popular food spots in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


Locals love their food and are more than proud to serve it on the streets. Israel’s outdoor markets offer popular local cuisines to both locals and tourists at affordable prices. Here are two main markets in the country:

  • Machane Yehuda Market

If you want to try a true Israeli cuisine, you can start by wandering the streets of Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem. Local vendors offer different cheeses, meats, pastries, nuts, produces, spices, and seeds. When you visit it, don’t miss the Uzi Eli juice stand which is stocked with fresh juices and organic body care products.

  • Levinsky Market

Most tourists who visit Tel Aviv most likely end up in Carmel Market. However, the locals tend to prefer Levinsky. Levinsky is a spice market and once the city’s biggest one. People come here for ground coffee, fresh spices, and Persian delicacies. It has a Balkand and Persian feeling to it because it’s dominated by Iranian and Eastern European immigrants.


It’s not a secret that Israelis love their coffee. In a decade, countless of cafes have started serving first-rate cuisine and java. Here are some of the most popular cafes in the country:

  • Cafe Hillel

Although Cafe Hillel humbly started in Jerusalem’s Hillel Street back in 1998, it has more than 25 branches to date. This cafe is known for its cozy Yerushalmi atmosphere. It serves top notch food and coffee.

  • Cafe 65

You can start your day in Tel Aviv in one of the city’s most stunning brunch spot– Cafe 65. They prepare everything to perfection, from fresh juices to chocolate Babka. Their Green Shakshuka is something that you must try.


It will be a pity if you don’t try at least one of Israel’s world-class restaurants. Each of them has something unique to offer. Here are some of the best food places you can go to:

  • Machneyuda Restaurant

Machneyuda is a fun restaurant. If you’re a person who does not back down from a good gastronomy party, then you must visit it. Chef Asaf Granit has combined the traditional Jerusalem flavors to upgrade even the simplest dishes. The menu changes every night. However, you can always get the Dessert Jungle, which is a must-try.

  • Herbert Samuel

Herbert Samuel in Tel Aviv is all about elegance and chicness. They offer first-class food in a quality presentation. The only word to describe their dishes is “stunning.” When you visit it, you must try their Santa Monica salad, which is an avocado dish with jalapeño-lime sauce. On Fridays, they a business lunch which includes a starter and an entree. For desserts, you should try the pistachio kadif.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your stay in the country and don’t forget to try their traditional foods– Falafel, Hummus, Hafuch coffee, Tahini, Shakshuka, and more.