Airport to airport is easy for the professionals

Airport to airport is easy for the professionals

Navigating the busy roads of the Home Counties can be a frustrating exercise, particularly so if you are on a tight schedule and need to be at your destination by a deadline. You can always set out early but even that sometimes doesn’t work as you get caught in an unexpected traffic jam.


When the deadline is a flight time it is fairly crucial. You are able to be slightly late for check in and security but there is a limit.

Plan and prepare

There are many things to organised if you are going abroad and the Internet is an excellent tool for the most important; actually booking your flights. There are arrangements to make for locking up the house if it’s the family holiday and letting the neighbors know you will be away.

Luxury travel

The best way to get to the airport is certainly to get someone to take you rather than to drive yourself. There is not only the problem of navigating the roads but also parking for the duration of the trip then a bus from the long stay car park to the departure terminal.

It is so much better to get a company that is familiar with the road conditions to take you, your family and the luggage right to the departure terminal door. You can actually provide your details online and then you are in the system; a confirmation will ensure that all your details are correct.

Take away the worry

Service companies that do airport transfers operate round the clock both for transfers and collections. You can select the type of vehicle you want; there are vehicles that can take a fully loaded family of eight.  You can be collected anywhere and the service even includes being collected from an airport and being taken to another for onward travel, a facility that is very useful for someone arriving in the country but taking an internal flight from another airport.

Clients that are coming over from abroad are sometimes unfamiliar with the UK; there is even the option of sightseeing trips for visitors.

The Internet has helped such service companies reach an audience; a target audience of people interested in airport transfer, nationally and internationally.  Search engines provide a researcher with all the information needed and a user friendly website which interacts with a potential customer completes the job. The more elements of travel that can be pre-arranged the less there is to worry about.

If you are a frequent flier then there is an account service; that is not to say that new enquirers do not get the best of service but if the company is familiar with you, you will get a friendly face to take you on your trip. Even if you are a few months away from your next trip it is worth looking at the services available between home and the airport. It’s simply one less thing you have to worry about.

Steve Smith is a freelance writer who lives on the South West coast of Turkey in the small town of Dalyan, famous as a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. He writes on a range of topics from current affairs and economics to consumer affairs and transfers from East Dulwich to Gatwick Airport.