Do CA Hotel & Rental Car Packages Save You Money?  

Do CA Hotel & Rental Car Packages Save You Money?  

The main thing a car and hotel package is going to save you is time. Yeah, it can save you money, but the real value is in the fact that you’ve got one less headache to worry about when you buy everything in a single convenient package. For some people that’s worth spending a couple dollars extra if need be. In fact, if you’re looking for a package that’s just going to save you as much money as possible, you’re probably going to wind up driving a rusty old bucket that requires feats of Herculean strength to keep from veering to the left, or stays at ramshackle old hotels with more rats than rooms. So, going as cheap as possible isn’t always the best strategy.

It’s not impossible to find a package that saves you money on your car and hotel, but you’re going to want to do some of the same research you would do if you were renting each on your own. Find a package you like, then look up some reviews on Yelp. If you like what you’re reading, go ahead and book the package.

Getting around CA without a car can be rough. Many people make a conscious choice not to own a car. Between Uber, bus passes and rental cars, they don’t see much cause to buy a vehicle. Car ownership is becoming sort of a lost American tradition, in fact. But, owning a car of your own still has some advantages that the passenger life cannot compete with.

For instance, owning a car means nobody’s ever going to stiff you for the deposit when they notice a dent that was on the rental car before you took it off the lot. Owning a car means that if you want to go somewhere at three in the morning, you can just get in your car and go. You never have to worry about your Uber driver hitting on you, you never have to worry about shady car rental agencies and so on. It simply brings a level of freedom you won’t get relying on others for rides. Not to mention, it can save you money over time depending on how frequently you need to rely on rentals and Ubers and so on.

If you’re worried about the costs of owning a car, a pre-owned can run just as well as a new car with a little love and care, and the costs of paying for insurance can be offset by several ways. For instance, taking traffic school online will mask points on your driving record so your insurance rates do not go up. It will also hopefully prevent you from getting future tickets.

For some, the extra trouble of owning a car just isn’t worth it, but it’s worth considering how much you spend a year on Ubers, bus travel and car rentals, how much gas money you’ve given to friends and how many times you’ve been left walking three miles to get home, and then weigh that against the cost of owning a car. California is very much a driver’s state, and owning a set of wheels can open the whole West Coast up for you to explore.