Places to go Boating in Victoria

Places to go Boating in Victoria

Getting into water from Port Philip through Lake Eildon to Gippsland is not just about recreation but also a great way to connect with some historically active places. Victoria State, though relatively smaller than other states is blessed with the most amazing places you can go boating. However, in spite of its size, it has quite a number of places with varied climatic conditions that range from hot to cool along its coast suitable for sailing, cruising or fishing. This means that it not a must for you to travel a long distance in order to get to Victoria’s coolest boating places. Some of these places are;

1. Melbourne
This is the largest city in Victoria with the highest population of approximately four million people. It is situated on the largest bay covering about 1930 sq Km most of which is navigable by boat. However, boating here is not only about the bay but also it can be done on rivers like Yarra and Werribee. These rivers are readily accessible from Port Philip by boat provided that you have suitable boating accessories.


2. Western port
Western port is located on the eastern part of Port Philip and has reputation for being the second largest in Victoria. It is dominantly covered by two large islands namely; French island and Philip Island. This implies that it is possible for you to find a spot to shelter lee-wards. Western port is popular with angler species like gar fish, King George whiting, Australian salmon and gummy sharks. Also, there are many fancy docks for small yachts and cabin cruisers located at Hastings, Newhaven and Yaringa.

3. Gippsland Lake
This is one of Australia’s largest tidal ways that is located about 250 Km south east of Melbourne. Gippsland lakes system stretches from the western part of Sale to the eastern part of Lake Entrance covering an overall area of about 420 sq Km that incorporates waterways fed by Tambo and Mitchel rivers. It is a perfect haven for boating with power boats and canoes and even large cruisers.

4. Lake Eildon
It is important to mention that Victoria is rich in sensational freshwater destinations and Lake Eildon is one of such destinations. This lake is rich in vast island waterways which are situated approximately 140 Km to the Northeast of Melbourne. Lake Eildon is also one of the most popular places you should go boating in Victoria because it has the longest shoreline stretching from Boonie Doon to Jamieson. Also, the fact that this place is serviced quite well with fueling facilities, boat ramps and lakeside shops makes Lake Eildon a perfect place for boating.


5. Lake Eppalock
This is another favorite place for boaters located in Campaspe River, 120 Km northwards of Melbourne. It is more suitable for groups with special interests and families. Lake Eppalock has about 30 boating associations and clubs with facilities like boat ramps and holiday parks suitable for camping and picnics. It is an interesting place to visit while boating in Victoria.

6. Murray River
Murray River is technically located within the borders of NSW. Majority of Victorians claim that it is the best place to enjoy your boating of all persuasions. Wake-boarders, canoeists, water-skiers, paddle-steamers, and kayakers also find Murray River the most appropriate place to carry out their fun activities.