Travelling has become a necessary part of modern life for many reasons. Be it a business purpose, or attending a conference or meeting or just enjoying a holiday, travelling to other cities or foreign countries is more frequent event of today. It is also very common to enjoy a longer holiday for refreshing break. The hotels might be very expensive at times. The idea of staying in a self-catering apartment during the holiday is something new and exciting, as it will give you the feel of ‘home away from home’.

Self-catering accommodation

The self catering accommodation during the holidays can be taken in either apartments or individual houses or villas. You can rent a serviced place for spending holiday and you’ll have the sole responsibility of running it. The most advantageous part of self catering accommodation is that you don’t have to deviate from your original routine or schedule during your holiday and you can be on your own. The only change in your life would be the new surroundings and new neighbours. Also, exploring through the local markets and shops and visiting new places and farms can be an amazing experience. If you are spending a self-catering holiday in a self-catering accommodation in UK, you will get the real essence of British lifestyle and will get to know the cultural aspect of a particular locality.

Cost of self-catering accommodation

If you are staying in a hotel during your holidays it can be much expensive compared to your stay in self-catering apartment or house. However, the cost of stay for self-catering accommodation can vary depending on the location, size and facility of the house or apartment, number of people staying and the duration of stay. Generally the serviced apartments are much cheaper compared to the houses. The landlord or the renting agency is the ultimate person to take the decision about the cost.

Facilities of self-catering accommodation

Different self-catering accommodation offers different sets of facilities. Generally, most of the self-catering accommodations are fully furnished, along with other advantages, like supply of essential equipments, such as crockery and cutlery in kitchen, hair-dryer, iron and iron-board and toiletries in bathroom, etc. Sometimes linen, blankets and towels are also provided at extra cost. The cost for gas, electricity, internet and telephone might be included with the rent or can be charged separately. Also, maintenance of the self-catering apartments is provided at free of cost or in some minimum additional costs.

There are many benefits of staying in self-catering accommodation apart from the lesser expense. You can cook on your own and have the easy-to-digest home-made food. Also, you don’t have to follow the schedule of hotel for breakfast, meal or other services. You can sleep late and wake up late and still don’t miss your breakfast, as it happens in hotel. Sometimes, other facilities of hotels are also offered in theses type of accommodations, like maid-service, room-service, reception etc. So the idea of spending a self-catering holiday in UK in a self-catering accommodation is always good.


Terry Fox is a new branch co-coordinator for national retail group at London. He advises on Cambridge accommodation for visitors.