The Top Hikes To Experience In Lanzarote

The Top Hikes To Experience In Lanzarote

If you enjoying hiking, then the magical island of Lanzarote is the place for you. Not only does it have vast, rocky walking trails, but the weather is warm all year round meaning it’s always a great time to go on a hike. Not only are the beaches perfect, the locals are some of the most hospitable people in the world. Every year, millions of tourists flock to the island to experience the great culture, even better food, and a range of activities for families and couples alike. Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails to take a look at when visiting Lanzarote!

Caldera Blanca

This huge white crater is easily a 3-4 hour expedition, so make sure you’re wearing comfy boots! Located in the North West corner of the island, you’re likely to be joined on your trip by animal companions, usually goats that graze inside this 1.5 kilometre volcano. If you’re an amateur hiker, then Caldera Blanca is a great place to start off on the island.

It only takes 30 minute by car to reach the outskirts of the volcano, and as you go higher the views just keep getting better. Like all of the volcanoes on Lanzarote, always make sure that you have an experienced tour guide with you before you embark on your journey up Caldera Blanca.

On the off chance that it rains during your hike, don’t fret, because you can continue you walk within the volcano walls. Out of the 6km trail, 2km goes inside the mountain itself, meaning you’ll be able to see, smell and touch the rock around you, offering a heightened experience. Experts believe the crater was formed during an eruption around 4000 years ago, so you really are walking on a piece of natural history when undertaking a hike of Caldera Blanca.

Femes to Papagayo

On your hike from Femes to Papagayo, you’ll be able to see a mixture of sea surf and dense landscapes, meaning you’ll be covering a lot of ground. As you start your hike along the rugged coastline at the bottom of the mountain, you’ll be overlooking the ocean and the volcanic sands.

However as you get high up the mountain, the rest of the island will come into view, offering superb sites for miles around. There are one or two villages that you’ll pass on the way to the summit of the volcano, and these are protected by the island’s conservation projects. At the top, you’ll be able to rest your legs at a mountaineering hut, and prepare for your four hour trek back down. Make sure to take a look at cheapflights to get the best deals on your flights to Lanzarote!


The Guitiza Mountain is one of the most infamous hiking trails in all of Lanzorote, and it’s a walk for the more experienced hiker. At just over 17 miles, this is also the longest hike on the island, and you’ll be able to pass through many historic valleys, and see a number of ancient structures too. As the evening draws in, your hike leader will help you to set up camp for the night, as you will be unable to both lengths of the journey in one day.