Top 5 Malaysia Travel Ideas to Enjoy Your Holiday in Malaysia to the Fullest

Top 5 Malaysia Travel Ideas to Enjoy Your Holiday in Malaysia to the Fullest

As spring and summer are around the corner, it is the perfect time of the year to visit Malaysia for a relaxing yet adventurous holiday. So here are the top 5 most interesting places and activities you can enjoy in Malaysia.

1. Enjoy the Food Paradise in Malaysia

Malaysia has many beautiful tourist attractions, but their #1 pride is in their variety of exotic foods. You can literally find hundreds of different cuisines in various restaurants all around Malaysia – especially in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. These cuisines include Thai, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indian, Mexican, German, Italian, Arabian, Persian, and plenty others.


2. Visit the Best Diving Spots in Malaysia

Malaysia has general two main sides facing the ocean where you can go for an Asia diving vacation: the east coast and the west coast. Although the west coast is beautiful and there are nice areas where you can see the beauty of the underwater world, the east coast is usually more recommended.

It has a much more clear and unpolluted water, and the variety of ocean creatures you can find there are almost as triple as the west coast. There are also some areas where you can go diving and run into some sharks. No need to worry of course. These sharks are quite harmless as long as you don’t go too much near them or make a rushed move towards them that they can sense as aggressive.

The best diving spots in Malaysia in the east coast are Redang, Tioman, and a few other smaller islands around that area. In the west coast, the Langkawi island is the most popular diving spot for tourists.

3. Island Hopping Adventures

There are quite a few beautiful exotic islands around Malaysia with exotic beaches, mangroves, and jungles. These islands such as Langkawi, Redang, Tioman, and others are fabulous places to visit and have an island hopping adventure in.

4. Cultural Shows and Asian Activities

You can find an interesting variety of captivating musical shows, traditional dance shows, festivals and carnivals all year long in Malaysia. The unique thing about these cultural shows in Malaysia, is the variety of the 3 main ethnic groups: The Malay, Chinese, and Indian people.

Each group bringing their own holidays and traditional festivals into the country, you never run out of interesting shows or dances to attend any time of the year, especially around their own unique New Year holidays. Make sure you ask some local people and they will guide you about which cultural holiday might be just around the corner.


5. More Memorable Relaxing Ideas to Enjoy on Your Malaysian Holiday

There are plenty more to see and try in Malaysia, than to be able to include them all in just one article. After 5 years of traveling there every year, I never run out of interesting activities to try. One of the most relaxing ideas, is going for a full body massage. There are many local or foreign skilled masseuses in Malaysia – offering various types of professional massage – from Thai, Balinese, Chinese, Swedish, and more.

Another interesting creative massage you can try, is Dr. Fish Spa. It is a brand name for a type of fish pond where you can rest your legs, and tens of cute tiny fish will come and give small bites on your skin. It is so soft and subtle that you feel like they are kissing and tickling your toes. An amazing experience – especially for the first-timers – since it will leave you with a great laugh and a soft skin afterwards.